Friday, October 20, 2006

Grouchy As A Bear

I'm in a bad mood tonight, so I'm not gonna say hi. I'm mad cuz Blu is better than me at everything. His head is bigger than mine and it's got more stuffin'. He doesn't have a weird crease on his tummy. (I think my weird crease is getting bigger.) He's really good at doing some walkin'. When I try to do some walkin', my feet bump into each other cuz my legs are bowed. And he can do Bear Ballet real good. And he's better than me at climbing. Right now he's doing a cool climbing move on Janna's birdhouse, but I was mad at him so I wouldn't take his picture. He wanted me to put his picture on my blog, doin' the cool move, but it's MY blog. Blu got 'dopted before me, so he thinks he's more in the family than me.

That's all I'm gonna say.

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