Saturday, October 21, 2006

Here's A Picture of Blu Cuz He's My Best Friend

Hi, it's me again, Klu.

Here's a picture of Blu doing that cool climbing move I told you about. Last night, after I wrote my blog, Big Mummy said I could either talk about why I was so mad at Blu, or I could have a time out to think about it. I almost picked the time out, cuz then I could just fall asleep, but then Big Mummy said I could sit on her lap while we talked about it, and I really wanted a hug, so I picked talking about it. While we were talking about it, I 'membered that Blu is my best friend (along with Roma, Bianca, Bruno, and Janna) and I love him a lot. I just got jealous cuz he's older than me and bigger than me and better at everything. But Big Mummy said maybe I was just feeling insecure about me, and that's why I was mad at him. Seems kinda funny, but maybe she's right. Cuz I was feeling insecure about the weird crease on my tummy just then. And then she asked me what I was good at. It's hard to think what you're good at sometimes, but then I 'membered that I'm good at bein' a Blogging Bear, and I'm good at playin' Bubble Bees, and I'm good at being a Sailor Bear. I want to be a Captain Bear when I grow up, like Uncle Captain J on the David B. So after I 'membered all that stuff, I 'membered that Blu is my best friend, so this morning I took a picture of him doing that cool climbing move.


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