Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Gotta 'Pologize

Hi, um, it’s me, Klu the Bear, and I’m real sorry, cuz I didn’t do no bloggin’ for lots of days. I think I’m still gettin’ re’justed from my bacation of a lifetime. Sometimes it takes a long time to get re’justed after a bacation. It’s hard to settle down and be a Normal Bear after being a Sailor Bear. And then, just when I was gettin’ ‘justed, Big Mummy and Auntie E took me and Roma on another bacation. It was just an overnight bacation, and we went to Rocky Mountain National Park to hear the elk bugling. But I’ll tell you all ‘bout that in another post. Right now, I gotta tell you about the last thing we did on my bacation of a lifetime.

Uncle Captain J had to do an extra job one day, ‘sides his normal job driving the David B. He had to drive the ferry that goes back and forth to Lummi Island. So me and Big Mummy borrowed Auntie Ch’s bike, and we rode around Lummi Island. Here’s a picture of me in Big Mummy’s backpack. I like feeling the wind blowing through my fur.

Okay, that's all I'm gonna write about my bacation on the David B. Now that I'm back home in Colorado, I'm gonna write about other stuff. I'm gonna write about the elk bugling (that's when they make a special noise, but I'll tell you more about it tomorrow), and about the things we play in Janna's birdhouse, and about lots of other stuff.


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