Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm Almost Done Tellin' You 'Bout My Bacation

Hi, it's me, Klu.

It's kind of a peaceful day today. My Auntie E is off today, and she's havin' a nap on the couch right now. I like naps on couches. My Big Mummy is just doin' quiet stuff too, like writing her novel. So I decided I'd better write my blog (Get A Klu) while she didn't want to use the computer. Then I'm gonna take a nap too. Bears are good at naps, cuz we know how to hibernate.

The first picture is a picture of me by some weird lady made out of wood. She looked kind of scary but kind of funny too. You can see the David B in the background.

After we saw the weird lady, me and my Big Mummy and Auntie E walked back down to the dock. Here's a picture of me on the dock.

That's all for today.
Klu the Almost-Napping Bear

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Linseed said...

Auntie Linseed says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to big Mummy!