Friday, October 27, 2006

Some Stuff I Been Thinkin' 'Bout

Um, hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

Some days I get real 'cited to write my blog and be a Famous Bloggin' Bear. But other days, I don't feel like doin' it, and when Big Mummy asks me if I want to use her 'puter, I just sigh a lot. Bears are good at sighin'. We got good lungs for sighin'. Today, I didn't really feel like writin' nothin'. But then I got scared that my fans are gonna get bored and go away, so I decided to write a post. I wanted to write a funny post to make all my fans laugh, but I couldn't think of nothin' funny. Bears aren't funny all the time. So I'm just gonna write a post about some stuff I been thinkin' 'bout.

We got squirrels living in our roof. They run up the side of the house, then they jump on the railing on our balcony, then they jump up onto this little roof. They got a hole up there where they go in to their nest. Back a few weeks ago, when all the walnuts were falling off the tree in our yard, the squirrels went back and forth all day long, carrying walnuts. (I don't know if bears like walnuts or not. I think they do, cuz walnuts are nuts, and bears eat nuts.) The squirrels carried the walnuts in their mouths, and they hid them in our attic in their nest. Sometimes we could hear them drop one, and it probably rolled down in between the rafters, cuz then you could hear them going scrabble, scrabble, scrabble with their paws, trying to pick it up and put it in their nest. Last spring, Big Mummy saw the mummy squirrel come out one day, and she had her baby with her, and the baby crawled up on her back. I'd like to see that. I like animals.

That's one thing I been thinkin' 'bout. 'Nother thing I been thinkin' 'bout is winter. Almost all the snow melted today. That made me sad. I think it's cuz I like winter. Maybe that's cuz of my fur, you know. When I'm playin' in the snow, I don't think of anything sad or scary. I don't worry about the weird crease on my tummy. I just play. Oh, I forgot to tell you: our snowman melted, the one that looked like an alien. I went out and picked up his hat, cuz it was plastic, so that makes it litter. I think the squirrels ate his eyes (but he was dead already so it didn't matter). The eyes were made out of raisins. I think squirrels like raisins. Bears like raisins a lot.

I think I'll go ask Big Mummy if I can eat some raisins now, cuz I finished my blog.


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