Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Stuff I Been Wonderin' 'Bout

Hi, it's Klu.

Sometimes I wonder 'bout stuff, then I forget to write a blog about it. But today I'm gonna write a blog about all the stuff I been wonderin' 'bout.

1. I wonder if it's gonna snow tonight. I like snow cuz I'm a bear, 'member? Bears like snow, cuz they've got fur to stay warm.

2. I wonder why Blu's head is bigger than mine. He's got way more stuffin' than me. When we were havin' our bath, the water made me all skinny and scrawny, but Blu still looked plump, like he always does. I wonder why.

3. I wonder why I have that weird crease on my tummy. I think it's bigger after I had my bath.

4. I wonder why I'm not 'llowed to eat chocolate every day. Chocolate is kind of like honey, and honey is real good for bears. (I wonder why the honey always comes in a bottle shaped like a bear with a funny hat on its head. Maybe milk should come in a bottle shaped like a cow. Or like a human, cuz humans like milk. (Bears like milk too. Especially with honey.))

5. I wonder why it's so hard to be a Bloggin' Bear. I had lots of ideas at first when I was a Bloggin' Bear, but now I seem to get Bloggin' Bear Block pretty often. But I don't want to let my fans down, so I gotta keep writin' my blog.

6. I wonder what Auntie E was talkin' 'bout in her sleep last night. She was sleeping with the door closed, and we were in the kitchen, and all the sudden, she started talkin' real loud 'bout something, but we couldn't understand. We laughed a lot.

7. I wonder if it's started to snow while I was writing my blog. I need to go look out the window now.


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