Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 'Traption We Made With Janna's Birdhouse

Hi, um, it's me, the Get A Klu Bear (Klu).

I didn't write no blog for a couple days. One day I had a tummy ache. It made me cranky, and I didn't want to write nothin'. Then, the other days, we just played a lot, and I forgot that I'm a Blogging Bear. Maybe I shouldn't admit that I forgot that I'm a Blogging Bear, but sometimes it's hard to 'member. I've only been a famous Blogging Bear for a few months, so I'm not completely 'justed to it.

Here's some pictures of what we've been playing. You know how our friend Hannah G made a birdhouse for Janna? Well, since Janna is a bird, we thought her birdhouse ought to be in the sky, not on the ground. (Cuz birds fly.) We wanted to put it in a tree outside, but then it snowed a lot. (I like snow. Maybe it's cuz I'm a bear, and bears like snow. We have fur to keep us warm.) And we're only 'llowed to play outside in the daytime, and we wanted to be able to play in Janna's birdhouse 24/7. (That means all the time -- 24/7.) So we used our climbing ropes and hung the house from a hook in the ceiling.
Only problem is now we can't play basketball, cuz the house came out all crookedy, and the basketball hoop is crookedy too. But we can play other things. We can pretend that we in a tree, cuz there's a plant real close by. And Janna likes to fly in circles round and round her house. I only go in and out the back door now, cuz I learned my lesson. ('Member how I got stuck tryin' to go in the front door? My head's too big. But Blu's head is bigger.) Janna's birdhouse is the best place in the whole world to play. We like it a lot. Tomorrow morning, we're gonna eat some Cheerios in there. Janna likes Cheerios cuz her last name is Cheerio. Her middle name is Ganna, like in Gannet. And her second middle name is Lois. Lois is our great-grandma's name, but she's not 'live anymore. But she was a real nice lady, and she would have liked us a lot. I love Janna a lot. She's my sister.

I think that's all I'm gonna say tonight. We're still waiting for the photos to 'pload. Using computers can be kinda slow sometimes. 'Specially when you're waiting for stuff to 'pload.

The Get A Klu Bear (Klu)

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Linseed said...

Hey Klu! Havin' fun? Looks like you are! Auntie Linseed is on a big staff conf'rence this weekend. I bet Big Mummy and auntie e don't miss those - or maybe they do?