Thursday, October 26, 2006

We Like the Snow A Lot

Um, hi, it's me again. Um, Klu the Bloggin' Bear.

I love the snow. Me and Bianca and Roma just played in the snow for a long time, till we got cold. I was wonderin' last night in my blog if it was gonna snow, and I was so 'cited this morning cuz it's snowin' lots. And it's still snowin' now.

We took Janna Ganna (Lois Cheerio)'s birdhouse outside, cuz we wanted to play in it in the snow. Bianca's kind of little, and the snow was over her head, so she mostly stayed in the birdhouse. Here's a picture of her in the house. We were playing on the balcony just then.

Then we asked Big Mummy if she would move the birdhouse down on the ground, where there was more snow, cuz we wanted to build a snowman. Here's a picture of me and Roma and our snowman. It came out looking like an alien. I didn't like that. I wanted it to look like a happy snowman. But its eyes came out kind of weird and scary. Bianca went inside before we finished making him, cuz the snow was over her head (she's kinda little). So here's a picture of me and Roma and our snowman (the one that looks like an alien).

Now we're inside, by the heater, to get dry, then we're gonna eat soup for lunch.

Klu the Snow Bear

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