Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Doin' Some Exercisin' For Comments

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I just read a blog and 'scovered something. Sonny the Kitty is doin' some exercisin' for comments. She says she'll exercise one minute for every comment she gets on her blog. I wonder if my Big Mummy would like to do that? (Bears don't need to exercise cuz we're already doin' a lot of stuff, so I could share my exercisin' comments with my Big Mummy.)

Here's Sonny's blog. It's called Sweet like Kitty

If you want to register to do some exercisin' for comments, you have to go to a different website, called Coffee 2 go.

I like comments too. Maybe I could ask my Big Mummy if I could have a piece of toffee for every comment I get. (I'd share with Wilburina.)

Klu the Bear


Sweet Kitty said...

Hi Klu! Thank you very much for telling your readers bout my pledge.
But you don't need to register for the pledge.
Coffee2go made the blogroll herself.
Anyone can feel free to join the pledge. Just put up the picture and tell your readers about it. Being on the blogroll just might bring you a bit more comments. But it's not necessary.

So, for that YOU don't need excercises, maybe you can tell me who's your big mummy? I'd like to give her some minutes of excercise... =)

Big bear hugs from Germany,

Bobby Griffin said...

KLU! Congratulations little bear, your blog is going to be featured as Bestest Blog of the Day tomorrow (Wednesday). You know that site for adults that is gonna make you famous. Well the day is here!

If you have access to email Klu, please send me one at BobbyGriffin@gmail.com so I can fill you in on some more of the details!