Sunday, January 14, 2007

Klu's Survey 'Bout Snow

Hi, it's me, Klu the Snow Bear. Huh. That made me laugh. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur.

It's doin' some snowin' again this morning. Usually when my Big Mummy or my Auntie E look out the window and it's doin' some snowin', they say, "It's a winter wonderland!" (My Uncle Captain J says it too." But today, my Big Mummy looked out the window at the snow and was really sad. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she was tired of snow. (We've had a lot of snow in Col'rado this winter. She's already done a lot of shovelin'.)

So I decided to take a survey. (Takin' a survey is when you ask lots of people the same question.) So here's my survey:

How do you feel 'bout snow?

Here's my answer: "I like snow a lot. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur. Maybe I'll make another snow cave today."

I've already asked the other kids. Here's their answers.

Blu: "I like snow a lot. I'm not tired of snow. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur. I like to do some walkin' in the snow. Then I like to look at the tracks my paws make."

Bianca (Lambie): "Klu, you are de crazy bear. In Italia, we only have de snow in de mountains. I am waiting for de springtime. Lambs like de springtime, you know." (Bianca said her answer with her 'Talian accent, cuz she's a 'Talian lamb.)

Wilburina: (First she made an oinky noise.) "Snow?! Yippee! Let's go play in the snow, Klu! I wonder if we could bring some snow in and fill up the bathtub. Then we could play in it at night, too."

So me and Wilburina are gonna go do some 'vestigatin' 'bout bringing snow in and fillin' the bathtub. That way we could play in it at night.

You can write a comment and answer my survey if you want to. My survey is: How do you feel 'bout snow?

Klu the Bear

PS. Is a survey kinda like a meme? I never got tagged for a meme before. I don't understand how they work.


HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Oh, Klu - you might not have time to do all the meme's you will now receive - but I hope you enjoy this one.

"Tag, you are IT, Klu!"

Just copy and paste the meme from my blog, delete my answers and fill in your own - then tag 4 more people by typing, "Tag, you are IT" or, "I tag" with their names at the bottom of your post - then go tell them they've been tagged.

I'll be back later, Klu, to read your answers. Thanks for asking :)

You are one sweet bear!

Linseed said...

Hi Klu

Its Auntie Linseed! I would like to see some snow some day, but all we are getting is rain, and its too warm for snow. The roof is leaking at the big Centre where your big Mummy used to be, and we are all very wet. I haven't seen deep snow for such a long time.


Auntie Linseed

zorak163 said...

Sorry Klu - I hate snow. If it never snowed again I'd be happier because of it.