Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Me and Wilburina Are In Big Trouble, So This Is Our 'Fession

Hi, it's me, Klu, and Wilburina (but we call her Rina for short).

Um, me and Wilburina are in big trouble, cuz we did some bad things. So this is our 'fession.

Here's what happened:

Um, Mrs. B (that's who we stayed with at Christmas) has a sister who makes the best toffee in the whole world. Mrs. B gave us a bag to take home, and Big Mummy has been lettin' us have one piece a day. But bears like toffee a lot. (And pigs too.)

So this mornin', me and Wilburina were doing some talkin' about the toffee. Then we got up on the counter to look at the toffee. (It's in a pretty bag with snowmen on it.) We looked at it for a while, and then we did some sniffin'. Bears and pigs have really good noses, you know, and the toffee smelled really good. But we thought maybe we could smell it even better if we opened the bag. I told Wilburina she should open the bag cuz pigs are real good at opening things. When she opened the bag, the toffee smelled even better. So Wilburina put her head in the bag cuz she was curious if it smelled even better from inside the bag. (Pigs are real curious, you know. They like to do some 'vestigatin'.) She's just a little pig, so she didn't know that you should never stick your head in a plastic bag, cuz you might die. (I knew you should never stick your head in a plastic bag, cuz you might die, but I forgot to tell her, cuz the toffee smelled so good.)

Just then, Big Mummy came in and caught us red-handed. (I don't know why they call it red-handed, cuz our paws weren't red.) She pulled Wilburina's head out of the plastic bag (cuz you should never stick your head in a plastic bag cuz you might die.) Then she said, "Klu and Wilburina, what are you doing?" I said, "I wasn't doin' nuthin,' Big Mummy. I was just watchin' Wilburina sniffin' the toffee. SHE opened the bag." Big Mummy said, "KLU," in that certain voice, "are you telling me the truth?" Then I said, "Well, I was just doin' some supervisin'." (Supervisin' is when you boss someone around.) Then she said, "Whose idea was this?" And then I 'membered it was my idea, cuz I like toffee a lot. So I made a 'fession and I cried, cuz I did lots of bad things all together, like breaking the rules and lying and forgetting to tell Wilburina not to put her head in a plastic bag (cuz you might die). So we both have time-out today, but my time-out's gonna be longer than Wilburina's, cuz she just broke the rules. She didn't lie, and she didn't know she shouldn't put her head in a plastic bag (cuz you might die).

So now I gotta go have my time-out.


PS. Maybe when I'm done with my time-out, I'll ask my Big Mummy if I can have a piece of toffee. Bears like toffee a lot, you know. I'll even share my piece with Wilburina.

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