Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Hits Counter and Makin' Some Cookies (And Gettin' In Trouble)

Hi, it's me, Klu. And Wilburina too. I'm so glad we 'dopted her, cuz she's really curious (pigs are curious) so we're havin' some 'ventures just at our house.

I've been really 'cited about my hits counter. Last night I wrote down how many people read my blog (189). Then, I couldn't wait to look at the counter this morning (204). I like havin' lots of friends. Here's a picture of my chart (Big Mummy helped me do some of the writin'.)

But that's not what I wanted to write my blog about today. I wanted to write about makin' cookies. Me and Wilburina help Big Mummy make some cookies today. Here's picture of us behavin' ourselves and doin' some helpin'.

Then Big Mummy left the kitchen for a minute. Wilburina is really curious (pigs are curious, you know) so she decided to do some 'vestigatin'. Here's a picture of us 'vestigatin' the cookie dough.

Big Mummy came back just after we got done 'vestigatin' the dough and decided to do some samplin'. She just shook her head, cuz we're gettin' in trouble a lot since we 'dopted Wilburina. It's all cuz Wilburina's so curious 'bout everything. When she gets curious 'bout something, then I get curious too, and we decide to do some 'vestigatin'.

Big Mummy's really nice, so she still let us have some cookies once they were baked, even though we ate some of the dough when we weren't supposed to. Big Mummy loves us a lot.



Daniel Thompson said...


I liked the pictures of you making cookies. I wanted to let you know that I wrote about you at The Profile Directory of Bloggers.

I thought your profile page was so cute that I had to tell everyone about it.

I was wondering if I could add the picture from your profile page to the article. I wouldn't want to use it without your permission. I don't even know how to add pictures, but I'm sure I can figure it out.

Klu said...

Dear Mr. Daniel,

Thank you for doin' some writin' 'bout me. I like bein' a Famous Bloggin' Bear. Yes, you can add my picture to your article. That would make me very 'cited.

Klu the Bear