Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Post About Hedgehogs

Hi, it's me, again, Klu the Bear.

I just was doin' some surfin', and I found a blog called Vegi Patch and it had a 'citing post about hedgehogs! Two hedgehogs, named Francis and Roz, went on a ride all over town. They stopped at lots of different places. It looked like a 'citing 'venture to me. (I don't know any hedgehogs, but I'd like to meet Francis and Roz.)

You can look at the post at: (you have to go down and click on the link about their trip around Wake Forest, North Carolina).

Or you can go right to the pictures of their trip at:

I've been lookin' and lookin' online to find some other Famous Bloggin' Bears I could meet, but I can't find any. But maybe I could meet some Famous Bloggin' Hedgehogs. I'd like that almost as well.



Chickengirl said...

Hi Klu,

Thanks for visiting my blog and adding my link. I am glad you like chickens too :-)

We must have the same tastes since I LOVE Richard Scarry too. Busy Busy Town is one of my favorites.

Take care!

Daniel Thompson said...

Thank you for submitting your profile to The Profile Directory of Bloggers. You are listed.

I love your blog and your profile. You can count on your profile page being recognised at the Profile Directory in the near future.

glumnmum said...

Hey Klu,

Thanks for posting the hedgies first story. Roz and Francis are wild critters and have never really understood the whole internet thing. They kind of look at me funny when I try and explain.

As far as the whole guts hanging out thing... well most critters with stuffing are "born" when someone gives them a name, so I don't think it bothered them too much.

There is anouther photo story with Francis and a new hedgi named Gwen posted here:
or direct link here:

XOXO*100 Kate

PS We're working on a post about our trip to Germany. I took two new hedgies, Gunther and Basma with me.