Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Roma Shreddin' the Gnar (But Not On Real Snow -- Just Pretend)

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear, and Roma and Wilburina.

We didn't get to show you any photos of us doin' some skiin' at Winter Park cuz Big Mummy forgot her camera. But 'member how I said we'd take some pictures of us doin' some skiin' at home? Well, here are the pictures of us doin' some skiin' at home. (We made a pretend mountain with pretend snow. It's some pillows.)

Roma's the best skier of all us kids. Here's a picture of her shreddin' the gnar on some pretend snow. (Shreddin' the gnar means she's tearin' it up.) (Tearin' it up means she's goin' down the mountain real fast and makin' lots of turns and stuff.)

Wilburina never skied before, so she did some watchin'. She was real curious 'bout skiin'. (Pigs are real curious, you know.) Here's a photo of her doin' some watchin' while Roma was shreddin' the gnar. (I was doin' some watchin' too, but I've skied before. I've skied lots.)

Then we helped Wilburina put on her skis. She was a little nervous. Pigs are nervous sometimes when they do something new. (Bears, too.) So Roma stood on the side of the mountain to do some coachin'. Here's a picture of Wilburina bein' nervous and Roma doin' some coachin'.

Then Wilburina started skiin' down the mountain, but she didn't do any turnin'. She just went straight. So she crashed into Roma, cuz Roma was standin' on the side of the mountain and doin' some coachin'. Here's a picture of them after they crashed. (It's okay that they crashed, cuz Roma's a muppet and Wilburina's a pig, so they're both real soft.)

I like skiin' a lot.

Klu the Bear

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