Friday, January 12, 2007

Roma's More Orange Now (She Had A Bath)

Hi, it's me again, Klu the Bear.

This is my other post for today. It's 'bout Roma havin' a bath. Roma's an orange muppet, but she wasn't lookin' very orange anymore. She was lookin' more orange-ish brown. She's even older than me and Blu, so she's had more 'ventures than us. And she never had a bath before. That's cuz her 'structions said she shouldn't have a bath. But Auntie E decided it was time.

Here's a picture of us before Roma's bath. (I had a bath too, but I didn't really need one.) You can see she's kind of orange-ish brown. And she looks a little nervous. (Muppets are sometimes a little nervous before they do somethin' new. Bears too.)

Then Big Mummy ran some water and bubbles for Roma. Here's Roma sittin' in the water and bubbles. She's lookin' a little nervous, cuz she never had a bath before.

Roma didn't really like bein' in that big bathtub all by herself, cuz she's kinda little. So I got in with her. Here's a picture of me, doin' some floatin'. Bears like to swim, you know.

Roma didn't really like havin' a bath. I guess muppets don't like to swim. Here's a picture of Roma havin' a breather. Then she had to get back in and rinse off.

When she got out of the bath, Big Mummy dried her off with a towel. That made Roma laugh. Here's a picture of Roma doin' some laughin' when Big Mummy dried her off with a towel. She said it tickled.

After we were dry, Big Mummy took an 'after' photo of us. Roma looks really different. She's more orange now.


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