Monday, January 29, 2007

Wilb'rina's In BIG Trouble

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I haven't done a post for a few days, but it's not my fault. It's all my Big Mummy's fault. She's been real 'sctracted lately, cuz she's doin' some thinkin'. 'Bout someone. Grownup are weird. I just like to do some playin', but sometimes my Big Mummy spends a lot of time doin' some thinkin'. Then she doesn't want to help me write my blog (Get A Klu).

But I 'cided it was time to do another photo shoot of Wilb'rina looking at the amaryllis, cuz now it's got flowers. Here's a picture of us getting' ready to do the photo shoot.

But then Wilb'rina 'cided she wanted to 'vestigate the bulb. She's a pig, you know, and pigs like rootin' 'round in the dirt and eatin' stuff. So she started rootin' 'round in the dirt to see if she could eat the amaryllis bulb. Just then, Big Mummy came in and got mad at her for rootin' 'round in the dirt and tryin' to eat the bulb. The bulb could be poisonous, you know. So Wilb'rina got in big trouble for tryin' to eat the bulb. Here's a picture of her after she tried to eat the bulb.

After that picture, Big Mummy picked her up and brushed all the dirt off her nose. Pigs are kinda dirty, but Wilb'rina's mostly clean.

I love Wilb'rina a lot. She's the best pig in the whole world.


PS. We just got DSL. I like DSL. Now I can 'pload my photos really fast.

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