Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Balentine's Day

Hi, it's me, Klu. Um, I didn't feel good yesterday, so I didn't get to finish all my Balentine cards. I felt kinda cranky 'bout it this morning. I got out all the markers and the paper and stuff, but I had so many Balentines to make that I didn't know where to start. I already made one for Auntie E and for Hannah G and for Uncle Captain J and Auntie Ch and for my Big Mummy, but I still had to make one for Roma and one for Blu and one for Wilb'rina and one for Bianca and one for Janna Ganna and one for Bruna and one for Sammi and one for Tibbi and one for Tuffy and one for Miss Kate and one for my friend Jack and one for Mr. Cr (even though he called me a 'weird little guy') and one for Auntie Linseed and one for Eric and one for all my fans and, um, one for my other friends. I got mad cuz I didn't want to be sick yesterday. I wanted to make all my Balentines.
I threw the pink marker on the floor (it still had the cap on) cuz I was mad. My Big Mummy heard me throw the pink marker on the floor cuz I was mad. She asked me why I was mad, and I told her it was cuz I wanted to finish all my Balentines yesterday, but I didn't feel good. Then I started to cry cuz I had so many Balentines to finish. Big Mummy gave me a hug, and said maybe I could make a nice Balentine and put it on my blog for everybody. So I stopped cryin' and made a Balentine for everybody. Here's a picture of my Balentine for everybody. It says, 'Be mine, Balentine.' Huh. I like Balentine's Day.



Blue said...

Happy Balentines day to you too!
I hpe you get treats, I wanted champagne & oysters but thats me!

Abigail S said...

Thanks for the group Balentine's card! It looks really good Klu. You're good at making Balentine's.

Have a great day!

Becky L said...

awe, thats so cute!

i didnt finish my cards either. My daughter erica [almost 2] was helping me "color" some that we made ourselves. Somehow, they got lost. i'm guessing thrown out by Hubby. I printed more out, but never worked up the energy to redo them. so, no V-Day cards went out this year

Mairin said...

Thanks for the card, Klu. Looking at it makes me feel all squiggly and stuff.

Mairin said...

And Happy Balentine's Day to you.

Valerie said...

There isn't a nicer balentine than one that is made from the heart. Thanks and happy balentines day to you, too, Klu.