Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Was Mad At My Big Mummy

Hi, it's me, Klu, and I was mad at my Big Mummy. I was mad at her cuz she SAID that the next time Mr. Kermit (Huh. Huh. I just called him Mr. Kermit cuz he likes green. He's a grownup, so I can't tell you his real name, cuz grownups all want to be 'nonymous on my blog.), so she SAID that the next time Mr. Kermit came over, me and the other kids could make him dinner. (We like Mr. Kermit a lot, cuz he talks to us and knows we're real. Some grownups don't know we're real.) So me and the other kids had it all decided what we were gonna make for him. We had lots of long 'scussions, (a 'scussion is when you talk 'bout something to decide) cuz we had to decide between pancakes poured in the shape of the letters of our names, or mac n' cheese with hot dog pennies. We decided on mac n' cheese with hot dog pennies cuz pancakes make us a little wild. (From eating all that sugar, you know.) And we wanted to behave ourselves for Mr. Kermit.

But Big Mummy didn't do what she said. She 'vited Mr. Kermit over yesterday, and Auntie E and Mr. Gumbles (that's not his real name, either, cuz he's a grownup so he's being 'nonymous) were there too, and Big Mummy forgot all 'bout lettin' me and the other kids make dinner. So she made some grownup food that had a French name (it tasted good, but I didn't want to eat it cuz I was mad at my Big Mummy).

I was mad at Big Mummy all evening, but all the grownups were doin' some talkin' and some laughin' and stuff, so she didn't notice. But when she tucked me in to bed, she said, "Klu, are you okay?" And then I started to cry cuz I really wanted to make mac n' cheese with hot dog pennies for Mr. Kermit. Big Mummy 'pologized for forgetting all 'bout what she said. And she said Mr. Kermit would probably come back and have dinner with us soon (cuz he has to fix our 'puter again) and we could make him really special homemade mac n' cheese, not just the kind from the blue box. So I stopped crying and gave my Big Mummy a hug and went to sleep.

That's all.
Klu the Bear


Kirsten said...

I hope you can make your special dinner for Mr. Kermit soon. I love mac and cheese of all kinds, and I am a grownup. Hot dog pennies always go really well with mac and cheese.

Susan said...

Hi Klu,

I love reading your blog and about your adventures. My son really loves macaroni and cheese with hot dog pennies too. I think you two would have fun playing together!

Janice said...


Manda M said...

Hi Klu!
I am from New Zealand, and we don't have hot dog pennies :(
I had to do a search to look up what they were! When you cook then for Mr Kermit you'll have to put a photo of them on your blog for me!