Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's A Good Thing Auntie E Came Back With My Camera

Hi, it's me, Klu. Me and Blu are havin' the 'citing-est day ever. It's a good thing Auntie E came back with my camera. The neighbors' tree is gettin' cut down! It's a big tree. And there's lots of people doin' some helpin' to make it get cut down.

First there's the man with the chainsaw. He's way up in the tree, doin' some cuttin'. He climbed up the tree like he was doin' some rock-climbin', but I don't think I'd like to do some rock-climbin' with a chainsaw.

Then there's the man on the ground doin' some lowerin'. He has a rope and he lowers the big branches after the man doin' some cuttin' cuts them.

Then there's the two men on the roof of the garage, doin' some stuff. Mostly they're doin' some standin' around, but sometimes they do some shovin' when the man doin' some lowerin' lowers a branch. They shove the branch so it doesn't land on the garage.

There's a chopper machine in the alley. I can't wait till they do some choppin'. Here's some pictures of me and Blu, doin' some watchin'. You can tell that I'm me, and Blu is Blu cuz his head is fatter than mine. (He's got more stuffin'.)

I'll post some more photos later. I've gotta get back to my watchin' now.



Tammie Jean said...

Klu - I'm glad your big mummy took those pictures of you and Blu! They are really great! You two look so cute looking out the window together :)

Abigail S said...

That all sounds very 'citing! I wish I could see it.

Please post more pictures later!

Mairin said...

You two sure did have a busy day.

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

I'm glad to see you have your camera back. Why is it 2 men get to stand around on the roof hardly working at all? I think I want to do that when I grow up :) Hugo

NeW wAvE said...

I really like your page Klu. You and your friends seem pretty cool to me. :) Keep blogging.