Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sammi and Hannah G

Hi, um, it's me again, Klu the Bear, and I 'membered a post I wanted to write. This is a post 'bout the other day, when Hannah G and Sammi (that's the bear we fostered before Christmas, 'cept we called him Samuel) came to visit. My Big Mummy taught Hannah G how to do some crochetin', and Auntie E taught Hannah G how to do some bloggin'. While they were doin' some teachin', us kids did some playin'. Sammi brought along his sister Tibbi (she's a pink rabbit) and his brother Tuffi (he's another bear, but not an Ikea bear like me and Blu and Samuel). We did lots of playin' in Janna Ganna's birdhouse, but Tibbi mostly did some crochetin'. Here's a picture of Tibbi doin' some crochetin', and Samuel 'vestigatin' the ball of yarn.

Tibbi got mad at Sammi cuz he was pullin' on her ball of yarn and messin' up her crochetin'. Here's a picture of her gettin' mad at Sammi, and Sammi doin' some cryin'.

Hannah G heard them doin' some fightin', so she came over and gave Sammi his own ball of yarn to play with. Here's a picture of Hannah G givin' Sammi his own ball of yarn. It was a green and blue ball of yarn.

Sammi and Tuffi did some playin' with the green and blue ball of yarn. First they did some nice playin'. Then they got kind of tangled up. Here's some pictures of them doin' some nice playin', then gettin' kind of tangled up.

Tibbi didn't get much crochetin' done, cuz they were gettin' kind of tangled up right in front of her. She got kind of crabby. Here's a picture of her lookin' kind of crabby.

Isn't Sammi the cutest baby bear you ever saw? I was really happy to see Sammi again. I missed him something fierce. He's the best baby bear I ever met. And now he has his own blog. It's called Super Sammi.

Klu the Bear


Super Sammi said...

hi klu this is your cousin sammi I love your blog with me in it did you put the super hero one in yet I love you klu

Abigail S said...

That's sad that Tibbi didn't get to finish her crochetin'. Hopefully she was able to have some fun then with Sammi and Tuffi.

That was very nice of Hannah G to give the blue and green yarn to Sammi.

Have a great weekend!

Mairin said...

What was Tibbi crocheting anyway? It was a very important piece, no doubt. :-)

Blue said...

What crazy, creative little critters you all are!

Tammie Jean said...

Hi Klu!
I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog!
Have a great day :)

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Hey Klu - you must have been a very good bear - there were no pictures of you getting in trouble! Sammi & Tuffi sure had fun with that yarn - your Big Mummy has lots of patience :)