Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some Ph'losophy From Me and Roma

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I didn't write any ph'losophy on my blog for a while, so me and Roma decided to write some. Here's some ph'losophies. And a picture of me and Roma writing our ph'losophies.

1. Grownups are weird. They spend a lot of time doin' some stuff like burnin' pots of rice on the stove when they could be doin' some playin'. Doin' some playin' is way better than gettin' 'stracted and burnin' some rice. I like doin' some playin'. I 'specially like playin' in the snow. It's been doin' a lot of snowin' here lately. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur.

2. This one is Roma's ph'losophy. Standin' on your head is good. (That's what Roma says.) When you're feelin' sad, it's good to stand on your head, cuz it makes you happy. The world looks different when you stand on your head.

3. Wilb'rina wants to write a ph'losophy too. There's lots of stuff to 'vestigate. You don't really know what somethin' is till you do some 'vestigatin'. (That's what Wilb'rina says.)

That's all the ph'losophies we can think of now. Here's a picture of us doin' some headstands. You can see Geraldo the Draft Dragon in the background, cuz he's busy guarding our door 'gainst dangerous drafts tonight.

Klu the Bear

Oh, I gotta tell you 'bout my new sticker. It's a picture of a bear. Uncle T gave it to my Big Mummy when she was at Uncle T and Auntie Ph's house a few days ago. It came from a Honey Bear. I never had a sticker of a bear for my tummy before.

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