Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Um, Thank You Lots and Lots

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I felt the squiggly-est ever all day today, cuz so many people looked at my blog (Get A Klu). And people wrote me nice comments and linked to my blog and stuff. Bears like comments, you know. Normally my Big Mummy makes me write a thank you note to everyone who writes me a comment, but she said today was a special 'ccasion, cuz I got named Blog of the Day, and I could just write one thank you note to everyone.

This is my thank you note.

Thank you.

Klu the Bear


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

congratulations klu! well done..... smiles, bee

FJ said...


I found your blog yesterday, and I really like it.


Nate Smith said...

hello little creature, i must say i am a devout Richard Scarry fan myself, i still have a har bound 4 book set in a box from my childhood (1970's) witch is read to the small people in my house regularly ..even if the 1970's versions are the ultimate in political incorrectness!

Lisa said...

Your blog is great, Klu!! I really like it! :)

Super Sammi said...

Hi klu that was alot of people lookin at your blog now you really are a famus bear

Julie said...

Congrats Klu! You're super cute!

Arjan said...

Congratulations! This is one nice fluffy blog :)

Linseed said...

well done klu!

love from your auntie Linseed

Neil Sun said...

Cute photos.

Domenic said...

I was searching around looking for places that refer to my home business when I came upon your blog (love that next blog button).

Your blog brought a smile to my face and helped to break up my day of doing "work things"

Thank you for a good laugh and a nice break from my day.

Blue said...

Hi Klu
Found you via 'Greatest Blog' and you are 'Wonderful'..
Have had to add you to my own blogs 'What I check out every day' because I will be watching you & the gang like crazy!