Monday, February 19, 2007

Why My Name Is Klu

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

A nice lady named Manda wrote me a comment (I like comments a lot) and asked why my name was Klu. She said I could write 'bout that till my Auntie E comes back with my camera. Auntie E is comin' back today. That makes me so happy I feel squiggly inside. I hope she took lots of pictures of her friend with my camera. I can't tell you 'bout her friend, cuz he's a secret. Maybe I'll tell you more soon. Huh. Huh.

When the nice lady named Manda asked me why I was named Klu, I was confused. I thought I was named Klu cuz Klu was my name. My name's always been Klu. But I asked my Big Mummy, and she said I didn't have a name when I was born. Huh. I think that's funny. But it makes me feel a little weird, too. It's hard to 'magine me without a name. Even when I was a baby bear. So then she told me the story of why my name is Klu.

Back when Auntie E and my Big Mummy lived in Scotland, my Big Mummy 'dopted Bruno. She loved him so much that Auntie E decided to 'dopt somebody too. So she 'dopted Blu. Blu comes from Ikea, Sweden (me, too). Here's the link for Ikea so you can see where we come from. Me and Blu and Samuel and all the other bears that come from Ikea, our last name is Blund. I don't know why, but that's just our name. I think it's a Swedish name. So when Auntie E 'dopted Blu, she got to name him. (I didn't know this till she told me. I thought his name was always Blu.) Because she was 'doptin' Blu, he was gonna get to have a new last name. (That's how 'doption works, you know.) But she wanted Blu to have his Swedish heritage. (Heritage is something you're born with.) So she decided to name him Blu.

Then Auntie E moved to 'Merica, and Blu (and Roma and Bianca, too, cuz they were 'dopted by then) moved with her. Big Mummy and Bruno missed them something fierce. And Bruno was really lonely, cuz Big Mummy was away at work all day, and he didn't have the other kids to play with. So Big Mummy decided to do some more 'doptin'. So she 'dopted me, Klu. I didn't know this till Big Mummy did some 'splainin' just now, but my name wasn't Klu when she 'dopted me. I was just, um, Mr. Blund. Huh. Huh. That's really funny. Mr. Blund. Big Mummy wanted me to have my Swedish heritage too, but she couldn't name me Blu cuz that was Blu's name. So she named me Klu.

And that's why I'm Klu.

I like comments a lot. I'm glad the nice lady named Manda wrote that comment, cuz otherwise I never would have known why I was named Klu.

I can't wait till Auntie E gets home!

Klu the Bear


Manda M said...

Wow! I thought there would be an interesting story about your name Klu, and I was right! I was nearly named Fred, but when I was born I turned out to be a girl baby not a boy baby!!
I'm glad you liked my comment, and I'm glad you replied to it too! (It made me all squiggly :) )


Abigail S said...

That is a great story, Klu! You have a very nice name!

I'm glad Auntie E is coming home soon! That is very exciting.

Linseed said...

Wow Klu!

I'm all excited about you getting your camera back from Auntie E too! Wonder what pictures she will have taken!

Its good hearing about how you got your name.


Auntie Linseed

Jason The Running Man said...

Great stuff.

Valerie said...

A nice thing about your name is that it can't be shortened. Can it? My name is Valerie and everybody calls me Val. My friend, Katie, is called Kate. Do you have a nickname, like Snugglebear, or something?