Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm kinda 'nnoyed with my Big Mummy

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. I wrote an email this mornin' to Uncle Kermit and my Auntie E. They both liked it lots, and Uncle Kermit thought it was 'musing, so I decided to make it the post on my blog. Here's my email that I wrote this mornin' to Uncle Kermit and my Auntie E:

Um hi, it's me, Klu.

I'm kinda 'nnoyed with my Big Mummy. Last night in the middle of the night, she grabbed me around my tummy and put me on the floor under the bed on the side by the wall. She scared me cuz I was doin' some sleepin', and she was doin' some sleepin' too, while she did it. I pounded on her hand with my paw, but she didn't wake up. I just lay there on the floor where she put me, cuz I was kinda confused and not really awake. Then I started to cry. Then all the sudden, her hand came back down and she grabbed me around my tummy again and picked me back up and put me under her chin where I always sleep. I didn't 'zactly know what had happened.

I asked her this mornin', and she did some 'pologizin'. She said she was dreamin' that her new boss came in our bedroom and saw me sleepin' under her chin where I always sleep. Big Mummy got 'barrassed to have her boss see me there, so she hid me under the bed. Then she woke up and realized it was a dream, so she picked me up again.

She thought it was funny, but I didn't think it was very funny. It kinda scared me. Big Mummy is weird when she thinks she's awake but she's asleep.

Klu the Bear

That's the end of the email I wrote this morning to Uncle Kermit and my Auntie E. When I decided to make it the post for my blog, I asked Big Mummy if we could do a 'nactment. A 'nactment is when you do the same thing that happened before, 'cept it's just doin' some actin'. They do 'nactments all the time on the news when they're tellin' 'bout a robber, and they want to show how he snuck into the bank. It's not the real robber in the 'nactment; it's just an actor. In the 'nactment that Big Mummy and I did, I acted the part of Klu the Bear and Big Mummy acted the part of her hand. But we weren't really sleepin'. Here's a photo of our 'nactment.

That's all.
Klu the Bear


Anonymous said...

Wow, Klu!

You look so scared and confused in your 'nactment. You're a really fine actor I would say!

Thanks for sharing your troubling 'sperience with everyone!

Auntie E

bundle-o-contradictions said...

My Hubby T does the same kinda weird stuff when he's sleeping & thinks he's awake.

Linseed said...

Ah Klu, hope you feel better soon, bad dreams can be very real at times, they even affect the people not having them! Iagree with auntie E, you are a very good actor!

love auntie linseed (who is not feeling well herself, and who has just woke up)

Bobby Griffin said...

Hi again Klu,

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