Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Hard To Be A Bloggin' Bear When You're Doin' Some Worryin'

Hi, it's me, Klu the Worryin' Bear.

I haven't written any posts for a while cuz I've had a lot of worryin' to do. And worryin' takes a lot of time. You can't write your blog and do some worryin' at the same time very well.

My Big Mummy has been sick for a few days. She doesn't get sick very often, so I was kinda scared. And bored, too, cuz she was just sleepin' a lot and runnin' to the bathroom. Maybe I shouldn't write that on my blog, 'bout her runnin' to the bathroom, but it's the truth.

And Wilbs was sick, too. I never saw a sick pig before. She was the crankiest pig I ever saw. She didn't want to eat nuthin' and she didn't want to play and she didn't want me to tell her a story.

Uncle Kermit came over yesterday to eat dinner with us, but Big Mummy was so sick that he had to cook his own dinner. I thought that was funny, 'cept I was sorry Big Mummy was so sick. Least she got everything ready for him to cook before he came. But he didn't feel good either, cuz his back hurt.

And I talked to Auntie E, and I had to do some worryin' 'bout her too, cuz her life is crazy. She's movin' again, and she's real tired, and she said a bad word on the phone. (I can't tell you what it is, cuz I'm not 'llowed to write bad words on my blog. That's almost like sayin' them, and I'm not 'llowed to say them. 'Cept sometimes I do when I get mad.)

Then I started worryin' 'bout my blog. Whenever I don't write my blog for a while, I start worryin' that my fans are all gonna go away. And then I think I better write a really good post, to make up for not writin' my blog for a while. But then I start worryin' that I can't think of a really good post, and it's hard to write a really good post when you're doin' some worryin'. But Auntie E told me on the phone that I just needed to write something, even if it wasn't a really good post. So that's why I'm tellin' you 'bout doin' some worryin'.

Klu the Bear

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Linseed said...

Get well soon big Mummy!

love auntie Linseed