Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Me and Blu in a Tree

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I was gettin' really frustrated on our bacation, cuz every time I wanted to spend quality time with Blu, all the other kids wanted to play too. But we're both bears, you know, and sometimes we just like to talk 'bout bear stuff.

But finally we got a chance to climb a tree and talk 'bout bear stuff. (Tame bear stuff. We're not wild bears.) The picture of me and Blu sittin' in a tree and talkin' 'bout bear stuff is at the top of my post today. I just did that for v'riety.

Um, I was gonna tell you 'bout bein' chased by a grouse. On the day that we saw the wild bear (my Big Mummy was scared, but me and Uncle Kermit weren't) we also got chased by a grouse. A grouse is a kind of bird 'bout the size of a chicken. I thought it should have been called a grouch, cuz it was the grouchiest bird I ever met. It hopped out onto the trail right in front of me and Big Mummy, so we all stopped and talked to it. It was close enough it could have pecked Big Mummy's ankles. (She didn't really like that idea, but she wasn't scared yet). We all looked at it for a while, then we went around it to go down the trail. All the sudden, it started chasin' us with its beak open, makin' a weird noise. Big Mummy and Uncle Kermit started runnin' down the trail. They were laughin' a lot, but in a kinda scared way. The bird just kept chasin' us. We ran some more and the bird chased some more. It chased us a long ways down the trail. I had a really good view of it chasin' us cuz I was ridin' on the back of Big Mummy's pack. I didn't like it chasin' us cuz its beak was big and pointy. Finally it stopped chasin' us and went back to its house. If I was actin' that grouchy, Big Mummy would probably make me take a time out.

We saw the grouse just before we saw the bear. When we were back at the car, Uncle Kermit said the funny thing was that he was more scared of the bird than the bear. Maybe that's cuz he's used to me, even though I'm not a wild bear.



bundle-o-contradictions said...

Don't like wild birds. Got chased by a big goose when I was little. Mean ol' bird!

Klu said...

Um, I don't like wild birds anymore either. But I like Darla Duck and Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio, cuz they're both tame birds.

Klu the Bear