Monday, July 02, 2007

A Post 'Bout Seein' The Wild Bear

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bacationin' Bear.

Huh. Huh. I've been on so many bacations lately that I called myself the Bacationin' Bear. Huh. That's funny.

Um, this is a post about seein' the wild bear in Grand Teton National Park. First me and Uncle Kermit and my Big Mummy drove to a trailhead. Here's a picture of me sittin' on the top of Uncle Kermit's car, doin' some admirin' cuz the view was so beautiful, while they put their hikin' boots on.

I'm just a little bear, and my legs aren't as long as Big Mummy's, so I can't walk as fast. So she lets me ride on the back of her pack when we go hikin'. When we stop somewhere, I like to get down and do some 'splorin'. Here's a picture of me ridin' on the back of Big Mummy's pack.

We hiked up to some lakes. Here's a picture of one of the lakes. It's a scenery picture.

When we were hikin' back down, some men comin' up the trail told us there was a bear just a little ways down the trail. Huh. Huh. They didn't see me on the back of Big Mummy's pack. And anyway, they meant a wild bear, not a tame bear like me. I felt a little squiggly in my tummy, cuz I've never met a wild bear before. Big Mummy and Uncle Kermit talked real loud as we went down the trail, cuz we didn't want to make the wild bear jump. Then Uncle Kermit saw the wild bear. It wasn't the mama grizzly with her cubs that Blu told us 'bout in the newspaper. It was a black bear. It was goin' 'bout its business right by the trail. Uncle Kermit was the man, so he went first. He wasn't scared, cuz the bear was just goin' 'bout its business. But my Big Mummy was scared. She was kinda in a hurry, and she didn't want to stay and look at the wild bear too long. But it never really paid any attention to us. It just kept goin' 'bout its business.

It was the 'citing-est thing ever.

Oh, I forgot to tell about bein' chased by a grouse. I gotta go play now, but I'll tell 'bout that in my next post. It happened on the same hike.

Klu the Bear

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