Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Like Mood Rings A Lot

Hi, um, it's me, Klu.

I didn't write a blog for a while cuz I had a busy week. I had to do some gettin' ready for Christmas. And I went with my Big Mummy to work one day. But now I want to write about mood rings on my blog (Get A Klu).

My Big Mummy and Uncle Kerms have mood rings. Mood rings are really 'citin' cuz they change colors 'pendin' on your mood. Here's a picture of Uncle Kerms's hand with his mood ring on. It's sort of in between relaxed and peaceful (that's what green means) and cheerful and jubilant (that's what blue means). I didn't know what 'jubilant' meant till now. It means really cheerful and happy and 'cited, I think.

Big Mummy let me wear her mood ring for a while. Here's a picture of me wearing my Big Mummy's mood ring. When I first put it on, it said it was anxious (that's what brown means). I wasn't anxious. I think the ring was anxious cuz it got cold when Big Mummy took it off.

After I wore it for a while, it said I was relaxed and peaceful (that's what green means). Here's a picture of the ring after it turned green.

I want a mood ring for Christmas, and a phone so I can text a girl-bear when I meet one that I like. Uncle Kerms is giving me a dollar to buy gummy worms. I like presents a lot.

I gotta go cuz I'm over at Uncle Kerms's house, and I gotta do some playin' with Speedy. I miss Speedy somethin' fierce when we go home, so I gotta play lots with him right now.

Klu the Bear


Rob said...

Klu the bear is lovely. I've got one not too different, but he's light blue and he doesn't like outside life a lot, he prefers our warm, sweet home :)

Linseed said...

Merry Christmas Klu, Big Mummy & Uncle Kermit!

love Auntie Linseed

Elle said...

Hi, Klu!

I am so glad you've been a bloggin' bear lately, 'cos I really missed you when you weren't! Could we (that's me Blu and the other kids -- Roma and Bianca) get our Big Mummy a mood ring for Christmas, too. And our new papa, too? He loses rings sometimes, but he's trying not to and we're sure he would promise not to lose a special mood ring. Can you tell us, Klu, where we can get mood rings for our Christmas presents? Please keep it a secret from our Big Mummy though, okay? It's s'posed to be a surprise.

Thanks, Cuz (that's for cousin!)!
Love, Blu the Bear

Blue said...

Merry Christmas Klu!