Saturday, January 05, 2008

Um, I Forgot To Take Any Photos

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear.

Snickers bars were buy one get one free at the grocery store this week. So I got two for the dollar that Uncle Kerms gave me for Christmas.

But I need to do some 'pologizin' to my fans, cuz when we ate our Snickers bars I forgot to take any pictures. You should have seen Wilbs when she opened the first bar. She's a pig, you know, and she could hardly wait. She did lots of snortin' and oinkin' till I gave her her piece. And sugar makes Darla hyper. She squawked and flapped and stood on her head. Then her tummy hurt later, and she waddled around, sayin' "mwack" in a sad voice. Speeds liked his piece so much he licked the wrapper clean.

I'm real glad Uncle Kerms gave me that dollar, but I sure wish Auntie E had 'membered to give me that 50 cents she promised me. Cuz then with my change from the dollar and her 50 cents, I could buy another Snickers bar and get one more free.

Klu the Bear

PS. I love Auntie E even though she forgot to give me that 50 cents she promised me. Maybe she can sent it in an envelope.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Klu,

I don't recall promising you 50 cents for Christmas; however, when you come to visit me, I promise to take you to a special place that is near my home....a candy factory! Do you wanna help make some chocolate truffles?

Klu, you're a persistent bear. Have your Big Mum help you look that one up!

Love, Auntie E