Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Playin' Space Ranger

Hi, um, it's me, Space Ranger. (Huh, huh, it's really me, Klu the Bear).

Big Mummy went to the eye doctor today, and she got a weird sunglasses curly thing. So we decided to play that I was Space Ranger. Space Ranger, pow, POW! Here's a picture of me standin' in front of my spaceship, bein' Space Ranger, and wearin' the weird sunglasses curly thing. (My spaceship is really the coffee maker, but we were doin' some pretendin'.)

Speedy decided he wanted to play Space Ranger too, so he came along in my spaceship. My Big Daddy, (that's Uncle Kerms), let me use his Blackberry for our central console. Here's a picture of us gettin' ready to launch our spaceship from our central console.

We did some flyin' through the universe, stoppin' all them bad guys. Speedy was really fierce, fightin' them bad guys, 'specially cuz he was wearin' his bling. I write another post 'bout Speedy's bling soon. I didn't get no pictures of us flyin' through the universe, stoppin' all them bad guys, cuz we were too busy stoppin' all them bad guys.

Space Ranger (Klu the Bear)

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