Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Got A New Profile Picture On My Facebook Page!

Hi, it's me, um, Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear!

Big Mummy is still tryin' to make her fancy new camera do some stuff, so she used me as a model, and now I have a new profile picture on my Facebook fan page. Here's my new profile picture from my Facebook fan page. (Big Mummy was tryin' to learn how to take close-ups, so she 'bout stuck the camera right in my face.)

Here's my link to my Facebook fan page, case you want to be my fan: Klu the Bear (Get A Klu). I like fans a lot. And comments on my blog and my Facebook page. Someone wrote me a comment on my blog yesterday! They said, "UR so cute." It made me feel all warm and squiggly inside.

Klu the Bear With a Facebook Fan Page (Huh, huh, that was a funny way to sign my post.)

PS. Big Mummy said I should do some advertisin' for her business on my blog, cuz she's been takin' so many photos for me. So here's her shop where she sells stuff for grown-up ladies that do some belly dancing: Magic Carpet Dance Arts. I said I'd do it if she'd give me one of those fun-sized Snickers bars. Bears love Snickers bar, you know.

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