Sunday, June 06, 2010

Uncle Kerms Calls Me 'Little Man,' Like the Ice Cream Place, So We Went and Got Ice Cream

Hi,um, it's me again, Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear.

This is a post 'bout names and ice cream and 'ventures and stuff.

Sometimes Uncle Kerms calls me 'Little Man.' He calls me lots of other stuff too, like Klu Man Chu and Special K and Little K, but I like it best when he calls me 'Little Man.' (I call him lots of stuff too, like Uncle Kerms (even though he's my daddy now) and Big K and K-Daddy. He likes K-Daddy the best, cuz it makes him sound like a rapper.)

Last night, Uncle Kerms got a magazine with a picture of an ice cream bicycle on the front.

It was an ice cream bicycle from Little Man Ice Cream, and Uncle Kerms calls me 'Little Man,' so we decided to have a 'venture and go there right away. Here's a picture of me waiting in Big Mummy's purse.

We took along Big Mummy's fancy new camera, cuz she takes it everywhere right now. Here's a picture of Denver. I like Denver a lot.

Here's picture of Little Man Ice Cream. It's shaped like a milk can!

I wanted Big Mummy to take a picture of me in front of Little Man Ice Cream, cuz Uncle Kerms calls me 'Little Man.' I sat on top of a fire hydrant, but it didn't feel very good on my bottom. Here's a picture of me sitting on the fire hydrant.

It wasn't a very good place to sit, and I fell off. Here's a picture of the fire hydrant after I fell off. It's kinda blurry cuz Big Mummy was laughing so hard she made the camera shake.

Uncle Kerms helped me sit on the fire hydrant a better way. Here's a picture of me sitting on the fire hydrant a better way.

I was gonna take pictures of me eating ice cream, but it started to rain really hard so Big Mummy had to run back to the car and put the camera away.

Klu the Bear

PS. I had chocolate and Big Mummy had maple pecan and Uncle Kerms had oatmeal cookie. It's the best ice cream in the whole world. I like having 'ventures at ice cream places.

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