Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Kids Just Did Some Weighin'

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear.

Last night me and the other kids were doin' some playin', like we always do.

I was playin' with Dars and Wilbs, but Bruno and Speedy weren't there. They were playin' with Big Mummy's new scale. She got a new scale to weigh stuff that she sells on her shop for grownup ladies that do some belly dancin'. Here's a picture of Bruns on the scale, doin' some weighin'.

Then Speedy decided he wanted to do some weighin' too. Here's a picture of Speeds doin' some weighin'.

Then Speeds decided to see how much his bling weighs. Speeds really like his bling, you know.

Then Wilbs decided to stop doin' some playin' with me cuz she wanted to do some weighin'.

Then even Dars decided to do some weighin' so I didn't have anyone to play with anymore.

So I decided I'd better do some weighin' too. Here's a picture of me doin' some weighin'.

Janna Ganna didn't want to do any weighin'. She just flew around our house.

Now you can leave me a comment and guess which one of us is the biggest.

Klu the Bear

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