Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Do You Want to Be More Happier?

 Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear!

I ruhlly like being happy. Mostly I'm a Pretty Happy Bear. But sometimes I turn into a Sad Bear. Or a Grumpy Bear. (That's usu'lly when I get in a fight with Darsie. She's my little sister and I love her somethin' FIERCE, but she always d'cides to be annoying just when I'm feeling like a Grumpy Bear.)

Anyways, I like being happy a LOT. Do you like being happy? 

Want to know what I do when I feel like a Sad Bear or a Grumpy Bear, and I want to be a More Happier Bear? I climb a tree. Climbin' some trees is my favorite thing in the whole world, and I get more happier when I climb a tree.

But you know how sometimes you just can't climb a tree? Maybe it's doin' some rainin' and you don't feel like getting your furs wet. Or maybe you're in a meadow and there's no trees.

But you're feeling like a Sad Bear or a Grumpy Bear and you really want to get More Happier.

When that happens to me, I use my 'magination. I 'magine climbing a tree and it makes me More Happier.

The other day it was rainin' somethin' FIERCE. I felt like a Grumpy Bear. But then I used my 'magination, and 'magined I was climbin' a tree and I felt more happier. Later, was telling my Big Mummy 'bout using my 'magination and how first I was a Grumpy Bear and then I was a More Happier Bear. She said that was so good I should share how to do it with you. So I made you a bideo. 

Do you want to be more happier? You should watch this bideo.

After you watch my bideo, if it makes you into a More Happier Bear, you should write me a comment and tell me. I like comments a LOT.


Klu the More Happier Bear

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