Sunday, September 24, 2006

The 'Citing-est Thing Ever: Lady Washington and Lynx

Good morning, it's Klu, the Blogging Bear. Huh. I never started a post by saying good morning before. I think that's funny, cuz you might read it at night. Huh. Or in the afternoon. But it's morning now when I'm writing about my 'venture of a lifetime as a Sailor Bear.

So the next thing that happened was that I was looking out the window. I looked out the window a lot. Here's a picture of me looking out the window.

Then guess what I saw -- I saw these pirate ships in the distance, 'cept I didn't know yet that they were pirate ships. I didn't know they were pirate ships till they got closer and we could see the pirates.

We watched the pirate ships for a while, and then the 'citing-est thing ever happened: they started shooting their cannons at each other. (I was scared, but Big Mummy said it was okay, cuz it was just ships pretending to be pirate ships, and they weren't really hurting each other). Here's a picture of the Lady Washington shooting her cannon. It made a really loud boom.

Then we really close to the pirate ship, so close we could see the whites of their eyes. Huh. That was a funny thing to say, wasn't it? The next picture is one I took of one of the pirate ships when we were really close. It's the best photo I took. Some of the others were all blurry, cuz I was trying to take a picture when they fired the cannon, but every time they fired it, the boom made me jump and I jiggled the camera, and jiggling the camera makes the photo all jiggly too. If you look really hard, maybe you can see the whites of their eyes too.
I thought you might like to see Auntie E, even though she's being 'nonymous. Here's a picture of Auntie E watching the pirates fight with each other.That's all I'm gonna write about now. I took about a zillion more photos, cuz the pirate boats were so 'citing, but Big Mummy says I need to be s'lective. That means I need to choose the best ones, or you might get bored. I don't want my fans to be bored. That would make me really sad.

I forgot to tell you: the one pirate ship was called Lady Washington and the other was called Lynx. And we were in a place called Port Townsend, for the wooden boat festival. I'll tell you about some of the other boats in my next post.

I like being a Sailor Bear. I want to be a Captain Bear when I grow up, just like Uncle Captain J.

Sailor Bear Klu

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