Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm A Cranky Bear Today

Hi, I woke up this morning and I felt like a Cranky Bear. I already had three times-outs today, cuz I hit Bruno when he tried to eat out of my bowl of Cheerios (it was MY bowl) and I pulled Roma's hair (I can't 'member why, but I just did) and I made fun of Janna and made her cry (her built-in backpack looks dumb sometimes). Yesterday I told Bruno he could post things on my blog, so we made him a member. Big Mummy wouldn't let me write a post this morning, cuz I had too many time-outs, so I told Bruno he could. But then I 'scovered that if he's a member, my photo doesn't show up on the top of my page. Just our two names. And I was mad cuz how can I be a Famous Bear some days if you have to scroll down the page to see a photo of me? So I deleted Bruno from being a member, and 'rased his post. (I think I hurt his feelings, but I didn't care, cuz that was before I had my attitude check.) Finally Big Mummy said I could write a post today if I 'pologized to all the other kids for bein' mean to them, and if my blog was a 'fession. So this is my 'fession. I'm a Cranky Bear today. Maybe I'll go back to bein' a Famous Bear tomorrow. It's hard to be a Famous Bear every day, cuz sometimes the other kids make you cranky. That's my 'fession. I gotta ask Big Mummy if I can have an Oreo now. She said I could have one after I 'pologized to the other kids.

The first picture is me having time-out. I got mad at Big Mummy for taking it, cuz I thought she was makin' fun of me, but she said she wasn't. The other picture is when I fell asleep having my time-out. Falling asleep makes time-outs get over faster.

The End,
Klu (I'm too cranky to put 'love', so I just put 'The End'.)

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    You make me laugh!

    Peace out.

    Hannan G