Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Got Lots More 'Citing Things To Tell You 'Bout

Hi, here's me, Klu, looking out the window of the David B. When you're a Sailor Bear, looking out the window is real 'citing. (Now that I'm back home, looking out the window isn't quite as 'citing, cuz our house isn't going anywhere. But I like watching the squirrels in the tree. Maybe I could write a blog about the squirrels in the tree when I'm done telling you all 'bout my 'venture of a lifetime.) Anyway, on the day that my Big Mummy took this picture of me looking out the window, the 'citing-est thing ever happened. All the sudden, my Big Mummy started shouting, cuz she saw whales!!! Orca whales! A whole pod of them (a pod is like a pack of wolves or a bunch of humans -- they all know each other). Orcas are black with a white patch. Each one has a white patch that's a different shape. That's how you can tell them apart. (It's kind of like how me and Blu look the same, except his head is fatter than mine and he has more stuffin', so you can tell he's Blu and I'm me, Klu.) The pod we saw probably had about twenty whales. I took lots of photos, but it's hard to get a good picture of a whale, cuz most of them is below the water. Here's the best photo that I took.

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