Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Think I Got Famous-Bear-Block

Hi, it's me, Klu. I want to write the lyrics for my songs I'm gonna sing, now that we figured out how to put me talkin' on my blog. But I got all stuck. I can't think of no lyrics. It's cuz of them 'spectations about me and my blog. Lots of people like my blog now, and I'm a Famous Bear. That makes me feel funny on the inside. Um, kind of shy. And then I keep thinking and thinking about the crease on my tummy, and then I start feeling all tingly in my paws. Yesterday I asked Hannah G if she thought the crease was ugly, and she said no. That made me feel better for a little while, but then I got scared again. It's hard work being a Famous Bear. I didn't know it was gonna be so hard. And now I've got Famous-Bear-Block about my song lyrics. I had lots of ideas before there were 'specations, but now I can't remember any of them. Um, if you can think of any ideas for my songs, can you please write me a comment? I know I want to write one songs that's The Blues. So the lyrics have to be about how hard my life as a Famous Bear is.

Hey, I just had a idea! Maybe I should write about being scared that the crease on my tummy is getting bigger, and that my fans (that's you) will all leave me.

Okay, now I'm all 'cited, cuz I got some ideas. I gotta go write my song.

Klu (the Bear)

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