Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Interruption, 'Kay?

Hi, it's Klu the Sailor Bear.

I'm gonna do an interruption in telling about my bacation of a lifetime, cuz Janna just got her birdhouse! Our friend Hannah G made it for her. Janna's so 'cited she can't fly straight.

Here's a picture of Janna holding her basketball. She doesn't know how to play very good yet, but now she can practice all the time. But she plays it more like quidditch that Harry Potter plays, cuz most of the time Janna flies instead of runs. Her feet don't work very well for running, cuz they're just attached right to her body without any legs. It's hard to run without legs.

Janna's house has a front door and a back door. Here's me trying to go in the front door, but I'm a little too big. It's more like a Janna-sized front door. My head kind of got stuck.

Then Janna got her beak stuck in the basketball hoop when she tried to do a slam-dunk. But we had lots of fun. And we got lots of kids here, so we're gonna start a basketball team after we practice and get really good. (We don't play very good right now, so the other team might laugh at us, but we're gonna practice lots.) We gotta think of a name for our team.

Guess what Janna's doing in her birdhouse tonight? She's having a girls' night! She and Roma and Bianca are all gonna sleep in the house. I'm glad I'm a boy-bear, and I'm not invited, cuz I'd take up all the room in the house, and I'd have to sleep at the bottom of the pile. I'm just gonna sleep on Big Mummy's pillow like I always do.

Hannah G's the BEST!


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