Monday, September 04, 2006

Janna's Birdhouse!

Hi, it's me, Klu, and this was a Very Special Morning. My friends Hannah G and Jack and their big brother (but maybe he wants to be 'nonymous) and their mom (I think she wants to be 'nonymous too) came to visit. I felt shy, now that I'm a Famous Bear. This was the first time my fan club came to visit. I kept noticing the crease on my tummy.

Hannah G did the best thing EVER! (I like Hannah G. She's my friend.) Hannah made a birdhouse for Janna Ganna! She made it at Home Depot, and then she painted it. The front is yellow and black cuz that's Bubble Bees colors. And there's pink hearts on the roof. And a special little basketball hoop that's just the right size for Janna. Janna can put the ball in her built-in backpack (the one I teased her about and made her cry cuz I said it looked dumb when I was a Cranky Bear) when she doesn't want to play with it.

I feel really happy inside. I love Janna a lot. She's my little sister. So I feel really happy that Hannah made a birdhouse for Janna. Huh. I just noticed. Hannah. Janna. They make the same sound when you say them. And Janna is Janna Ganna, so we could call her Janna G. Huh. Huh. Hannah G. Janna G. Huh. They're not spelled 'zactly the same, but they make the same sound when you say them. I like that.

Klu the Happy Bear

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