Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Me and My Friend Eric

Huh. It's me, Klu, and I just 'scovered somethin' funny. I have a friend named Eric and he lives in Scotland. He's a Swedish-'Merican-Scottish boy. And guess what: I'm a Swedish-'Merican-Scottish bear, cuz I was born in Ikea, Sweden, and I got 'dopted in Scotland, and now I live in 'Merica. That makes me and Eric kind of the same.

Now I'm gonna write another post about the David B and being a Sailor Bear.

Klu, the Swedish-'Merican-Scottish Bear

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Linseed said...

Hi Klu

I saw little Eric the other day - he walks to my desk and tries to pull all the wires off my 'puter, til his big mummy stops him! He's always very happy and loves to laugh! His big mummy is in 2 days a week now, making big food orders!

love Auntie Linseed

Auntie Linseed has a blog too, but its a grown up type one. I think yours is fun though..