Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This Is About Puff Dragging Her Anchor

Um, hi. This is my story about the boat called Puff that dragged her anchor. Dragging your anchor is very bad when you're a boat, cuz you might run into another boat that's anchored nearby. We dropped our anchor at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show, cuz we wanted to go looked at all the wooden boats. But before we could get in the skiff and go ashore (the skiff is the little boat that rides around on the David B), um, we saw that the boat next to us, called Puff, wasn't so next to us anymore. She was going backwards. There wasn't anybody on board, and she was dragging her anchor. Then the sheriff came with his boat and then we had to fend Puff off the David B (fending off is how Sailor Bears keep one boat from bumping into another boat). Then Puff got her anchor chain all tangled around the anchor chain of another boat in front of us. Then the fire department boat came. Then the boat tow truck came and finally towed Puff away. It was very exciting. Here's a picture when it was all finished, of the boat tow truck at the dock, with Puff tied up behind her. Later the owners of Puff rowed out in their skiff to the place where they had put Puff, and they couldn't find her. I bet they felt all squigly on the inside till they found out what happened to their boat.

I like being a Sailor Bear. Something exciting happens all the time.


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