Sunday, September 03, 2006

This Is About When Blu Feels Jaunty

Hi, it's me, Klu the Famous Bear. (I'm not cranky today.)

I'm gonna write a blog about Blu. He's my cousin. He's a bear. (His head is fatter than mine). Sometimes he feels jaunty, and when he feels jaunty, he used to like to put on his special hat. That was back when he lived in Scotland, and we had a different kind of coffeemaker. That old coffeemaker had, um, jaunty bear hats that went inside it. Blu would put on his jaunty hat and do some walkin'. Blu's real good at walkin'. I'm not as good at walkin'. My legs are kind of curved in (maybe it's cuz of the weird crease on my tummy -- I just thought of that). Blu's got good legs to do some walkin'. So, um, anyway, he used to put on his jaunty hat from the coffeemaker, and do some walkin'.

But now we don't live in Scotland anymore. We live in 'Merica, and we have a 'Merican coffeemaker. It has a different kind of hats. They don't look very jaunty. They just make Blu look like a buttercup. He wears one sometimes when he's feeling r'diculous, but it doesn't make him feel jaunty. And he wouldn't put one on and pose for the camera cuz he was 'fraid you'd laugh at him.

So this is some pictures I took of Blu. He was feelin' really jaunty today, cuz Big Mummy made him a hat just like in the old Scotland coffeemaker.

And I was feelin' kind of r'diculous, so I put on the buttercup hat.

Klu (a.k.a. Buttercup Bear) Huh.

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