Monday, September 25, 2006

Um, Here's The Next Thing That Happened To Me As A Sailor Bear

Here's a picture of me looking out the window. When you're a Sailor Bear, you look out the window a lot.
This is a picture of Auntie Ch being 'nonymous. (I don't understand why all the grownups on my blog want to be 'nonymous. I LIKE being a Famous Bear, and I would share my famousness with them, but they always want to be 'nonymous.) Anyway, Auntie Ch looks like she's gonna harpoon a whale, but actually she was trying to catch the little ring on the top of a mooring buoy, cuz we wanted to tie the David B to it for the night. But when she caught it, there was a sign on it that said the David B was too long, so we had to drop anchor instead.

Tomorrow I'm gonna tell you about a boat called Puff, and how she was dragging her anchor. That's very bad, when a boat drags her anchor. But the David B didn't drag her anchor, cuz Uncle Captain J is a good captain. I want to be a Captain Bear when I grow up.


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