Friday, December 22, 2006

Here's Our 'Mazing Snow Cave!

Hi fans, it's me, the Cave Bear, Klu. Huh. Huh. That was funny. I'm not really a Cave Bear, but we made a snow cave yesterday, and we were pretending to be Cave Bears. Me and Blu taught Samuel how to make a snow cave, cuz he's just a baby bear, and he still has to learn things. Bears like caves, you know. Baby bears are born in caves, so Samuel liked the snow cave right away. Me and Blu and Samuel were all born in a cave in Ikea, Sweden, but we don't remember it cuz we were too little.

Here's a picture of the first snow cave we made. It was kind of small. I had to squish my head over when I was sitting up. Samuel just mostly lay down, and he took up all the room in the snow cave, so Blu had to stand by the door. Here's a photo of my head squished over and Samuel lying down and Blu standing by the door.

Bears are really good at digging. And bears like snow, you know, cuz we have fur. So we decided to make our snow cave bigger. Here's our snow cave after we made it bigger. We made a special bedroom for Samuel so he could take a nap. He's just a baby bear, and baby bears sleep a lot, you know.

Then I decided I wanted to have a recliner chair. I never had a recliner chair before. So I made a recliner chair out of snow, so I could do some relaxin'. Here's me in my recliner chair (made out of snow). Samuel woke up from his nap, and decided he was tired of our snow cave. In the picture, he's climbing out of the snow cave. (Blu is helping him).

Then Samuel decided to just keep climbing up the snow mountain. Here's a picture of him climbing up the snow mountain.

Big Mummy tried to take a photo of all of us sitting on the snow mountain, but Samuel wouldn't smile. It's hard to make a baby bear smile sometimes. He was getting tired and cranky and his fur was all wet. Here's a picture that Big Mummy took of all three of us. Me and Blu are smiling, but Samuel wouldn't look at the camera.

That's all, cuz we have to go out and help Big Mummy and Auntie E dig their cars out. Bears are good at doin' some diggin' in the snow, you know.


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