Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now I Can Tell You 'Bout Samuel

Hi, it's me, Klu the Sticker Bear. Huh. Huh. That was funny. I called myself a Sticker Bear cuz I've got a candy cane sticker on my tummy. I got it from my Big Mummy.

Yesterday, we went to the 'doption place to get Samuel. Now I've given away the secret I couldn't tell you before. Samuel is a bear from Ikea, Sweden, and he was on a long journey because he was coming here to be 'dopted. We didn't know him before, but we know him now.

First we drove to the 'doption place. Here's a picture of me and Blu in the front of Auntie E's truck. I had two candy cane stickers on my tummy, cuz I wanted to have one to give to Samuel when we met him.

When we got to the 'doption place, the lady said Samuel got scared and climbed a tree. That's what bears do when they're scared, you know. We climb trees. Samuel was scared cuz he's never been 'dopted before. So we went outside, and there was Samuel, in the top of a tree. Here's a picture of Samuel in the top of the tree.

The 'doption lady and Big Mummy tried to talk to Samuel and get him to climb down, but it didn't work. But me and Blu are bears, so we knew how to talk to Samuel. Here's a picture of us talking to him. Samuel is just a baby bear, like me and Blu were, back when we were 'dopted, so he was scared. But we sat and talked to him and told him lots of things about being 'dopted that the 'doption lady never told him. That made him get less scared. Here's a picture of us talking to him.

Finally, Samuel decided to climb down. Here's a picture of him climbing down. Isn't he the cutest baby bear you ever saw? I'm glad he's gonna be my cousin. I didn't know him before, but now I love him.

When he got to the ground, he decided to be shy again, and he wouldn't come out. Here's some pictures of him being shy.

But then we talked to him really quiet and soft, and he came out and let Blu give him a hug. Then he let me give him a hug too. Then I gave him my extra candy cane sticker so he wouldn't feel left out.

I was scared, too, when I first got 'dopted, cuz I didn't know Big Mummy or Bruno. But I'm not scared anymore. We're giving Samuel lots of hugs so he won't be scared anymore.


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  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Congratulations Klu and Big Mummy and all the other kids. Welcome home, Samuel. I have a question for Big Mummy- Why did you name Samuel, Samuel? or was that already his name when you 'dopted him. Just curious.

    Miss Kate