Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cranberries & Popcorn

Hi, it's me again, the Famous Bloggin' Bear, Klu.

Tonight was the best night ever, cuz we started decorating our Christmas tree. First we all helped Big Mummy pop lots of popcorn. Samuel never saw popcorn before, and he started to cry when it made the first pops. So Big Mummy lifted the lid off the pan just a little, to show him what was happening. A popcorn jumped out right at him, and that scared him, so he cried some more. But that's okay, cuz he's just a baby bear, and baby bears cry a lot while they're 'scovering all about the world.

Then we all helped string the popcorn and cranberries on strings. Big Mummy had us make a 'sembly line. A 'sembly line is where everybody does one part of the 'sembling. ('Sembling means putting together. Roma always knows big words like that.) Here's some pictures of our 'sembly line. Roma helped pick out which cranberry to put on the string, and I handed the cranberry to Blu and Bruno and Biana, and they put the cranberry on the string. Here's some pictures of the 'sembly line.

Janna and Samuel were supposed to be doing the 'sembly line for the popcorn, but Samuel had to smell the popcorn first. Big Mummy said we could eat as much popcorn as we wanted, cuz it didn't have butter on it, cuz we don't want anyone eating the popcorn when it's on the tree. (Like the squirrels that live in the roof.) Here's a picture of Samuel smelling the popcorn. Then he decided to eat the popcorn. And he kind of forgot about the 'sembly line. He just sat and ate popcorn. So Janna Ganna had to do all the popcorn 'sembly line by herself.

Then we carried the strings of popcorn and cranberries into the living room and put them on the tree. Here's a picture of me and Bianca, putting the strings of popcorn and cranberries on the tree.

I like our Christmas tree a lot. It's the beautiful-est Christmas tree ever. Here's a photo of me sitting in the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas carols. Big Mummy said I looked really festive. I can't wait for Santa to see our tree. I think he'll like it a lot. And he'll put lots of presents under it.

That's all. I'm gonna go count on Big Mummy's calendar now, to see how many more days it is till Christmas.


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