Monday, December 11, 2006

I Just 'Scovered Somethin' 'Bout Samuel

Hi, it's Klu. (That's me. Huh. Huh.)

I just had Big Mummy take a photo of me and Blu and Samuel so you could see how we're different. We're all bears and we all come from Ikea, Sweden. But there's lots of ways we're different too.

1. Samuel is a really nice color. He's a prettier color than me and Blu. He's kind of gold-ish brown. (I just want to hug him, cuz he's so cute.) Me and Blu are kind of cream colored.

2. Blu has the most stuffin'. Samuel is more like me. He doesn't have that much stuffin'.

3. I (Klu) have the littlest head. Samuel and Blu both have big heads. Samuel has really pudgy cheeks. Isn't he the cutest baby bear you ever saw?

4. Samuel has the biggest ears! Me and Blu have little ears, but Samuel has really big ears.

5. Here's the somethin' I just 'scovered: Samuel has a weird crease on his tummy, too! His weird crease is on his right side, and mine is on my left side. But it's the same kind of weird crease! I was so 'cited, cuz maybe my crease isn't so weird after all. Maybe it's just the way some bears look.

Can you see Samuel's tummy in the photo? I let him wear my sticker that says, "I'm a cutie." I thought he needed to wear it cuz he's a cutie. I'm so glad he's my cousin. I love him a lot. But he's still a little scared. It takes a while to get 'justed to being 'dopted.


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