Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our 'Citing Snowball Fight

Hi everyone, it's me, Klu.

I really like having 'ventures. And we had lots of 'ventures on Christmas bacation. I already told you about some of the 'ventures, like 'dopting Wilburina (she's a pig, and we're gonna call her Rina for short). And our sledding 'venture. And the biggest snow cave ever. But I forgot to tell you about our snowball fight 'venture. It was just me and Blu and Samuel, cuz we were feeling sad that he was gonna go live with Hannah G, and we wouldn't get to play with him as often. Only sometimes. (We're 'cited that he's got his own Big Mummy, but we miss him something fierce.) So we decided to have a snowball fight to say goodbye to Samuel.

Here's a picture of us having a snowball fight to say goodbye to Samuel. I got down in a big people footprint and used it like a fort. That was a really good idea, cuz then the other kids couldn't hit me with as many snowballs. You can just see my head sticking out from the people footprint.

Samuel really liked throwing snowballs. Here's a picture of him getting ready to throw a big snowball.

Blu and Samuel really liked my idea about getting down in a big people footprint, so they asked Hannah G to make them some footprints. Then we threw lots of snowballs at each other. You can see all the snowballs we threw at each other.

Wasn't that the best way ever to say goodbye to Samuel?

Klu the Bear

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