Monday, December 25, 2006

Samuel Gets 'Dopted By Hannah G and Wilburina Gets 'Dopted By Us!

Merry Christmas, it's me, Klu!

Christmas is the 'citing-est day ever! The first thing that happened is that Samuel got 'fficially 'dopted. And guess who Samuel's new Big Mummy is?!! It's my friend Hannah G!!! Me and Auntie E and my Big Mummy knew all along that we where just fostering Samuel till he could get 'dopted by Hannah G. (Fostering means we were taking care of Samuel and helping him get unscared when he climbed up a tree.) But Hannah G didn't know she was gonna get to 'dopt Samuel. (That's why it was a secret about Samuel's long voyage and everything, and why I was giving clues.) She was really 'cited. Here's a picture of Hannah signing the 'fficial 'doption papers. So that means Samuel is 'fficially Hannah G's bear now.

After Samuel got 'fficially 'dopted, I was feelin' kind of sad, cuz now Samuel's gonna live with Hannah G, and we won't get to play with him as much. Only sometimes. But just when I was feeling sad, something more that was really 'citing happened!!! We found out we're 'dopting Wilburina!!! Here's a picture of Wilburina. She's a pig. She has a funny, oinky kind of voice, and she's really bouncy. I think we're gonna call her Rina for short.

I didn't know Wilburina before, but now I love her a lot. She's the best pig I ever met. I'm really 'cited we 'dopted her.

Merry Christmas!

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